Home decor in the gardening section

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Hey all! Hello FRIDAY! I’m SO HAPPY the weekend is here. :) And we have a huge snowstorm coming too – I’ve just given up and decided I’ll just enjoy being snowed in for a few more days. Spring will come eventually…I think.

I think I’ve taken approximately 25 trips to hardware stores in the past week, and on my last walk through Lowe’s I noticed some really beautiful new items for spring and summer. They’re all supposed to be for the outdoors but I think most of them work better for inside. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites (and a few finds at Target too!).

There were a TON of candleholders – and a LOT of glass. These blue and green opaque holders were really pretty:

blue green candleholders

I bet they’d be gorgeous lit up! The blue/green planters below would look awesome on a shelf all by themselves as well!

These ceramic holders were pretty as well and were very West Elm looking:

Ceramic cut out candle holders

Again, I bet they’d be beautiful lit up!

I’m not sure who can keep this much glass outside but I liked these hurricanes with the navy blue bases a lot:

Navy candleholder

These wouldn’t last long on our deck but I think they’d look great on a mantel!

These little candleholders are super cute for spring:

They’d make a great little vase as well. :)

I love seeing the new outdoor pillow designs that come out each year:

Lowe's outdoor pillows

I’ve totally used outdoor pillows in the kiddo’s space – they’re super easy to clean!

Target had some great outdoor-but-could-be-used-inside stuff too:

Target glass candle Target glass candle

Have you seen how much real vintage olive buckets cost? Wowza. Target has a cute version in the outdoor section:

Target olive buckets

They’re great for storage or filling with flowers (with a vase inside of course). They’d look adorable in a laundry room!

I LOVED these ceramic candleholders as well – they had small and large versions:

Target ceramic outdoor

Loved all the colors.

Target came out with some great outdoor poufs last year and there’s more this season:

outdoor poufs

These would be FUN in a playroom or kid’s bedroom!

So there you go, some decorating inspiration in the gardening section! Have you seen any fun decor in the outdoor aisle? I bought several outdoor lanterns years ago that I still use inside to this day.

Have a great weekend! The next before and after party will go up this Monday morning! :)


P.S. Tickets for the Haven Conference go on sale tomorrow, March 1st at noon! We are so excited to host another fantastic conference this summer! Hope to see you there. :) Haven

Storage in the closet!

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HEY everybody! Man, I’ve been busy. I’ve been working on a master bedroom project and the master closet for the past week or so and it’s all coming together really well. My body is screaming uncle but I’m so excited about the progress. :)

I wanted to give you an update on the closet redo I’m working on! A few weeks ago I shared how I’m planning to rework the back wall in there that’s just begging for some storage and organization. Up till now we’ve had random dressers and a bunch of wire shelves and they just aren’t working.

So I came up with this plan I showed you:

Closet design using kitchen cabinets

Imagine that’s a fancy rendering, OK?

Those black rectangles are supposed to represent the new storage -- using kitchen cabinets of course!:


So getting these cabinets home and upstairs was quite a feat. First of all, did you know cabinets are crazy heavy? Yeah. I’m used to carrying around the uppers for projects and those are bad enough – the bottom ones are monsters.

My sis and I went to Home Depot last week to pick up all the cabs because I can rent a truck to get them home. They found three of the six that we needed but couldn’t find the others, so they offered to deliver them all together the next day. I paid for the delivery but they graciously offered 20 percent off the whole purchase for the delay, which I thought was awesome.

So the next day it’s all delivered and since my husband was out of town my sis came by again…God bless her. We carried each cabinet up the stairs and yes we are BEASTS. The tall pantry cabinets were a little rough. I swear they weighed 200 pounds each. We got the six of them up stairs and then I realized my mistake in measuring – I had two inches less than I thought I did. Two inches is a big deal when the cabinet is 18 inches wide and you only have 16 to work with. GAH.

So…we took the two middle drawer cabinets back down the stairs (cursing a little at this point) and I had to rethink my plan for the middle. I finally came up with something that may work even better:

I ended up with the two drawers on each side, the taller pantries and then in the middle I put a 30 inch upper cabinet. This one holds shoes. :)

The great thing is, this spot was always going to be a vanity-like space but a chair would have been awkward right there. (With the original cabinets coming forward so much.) Now I’ll put the counter there and there will be a great spot for a stool. :) I don’t know if I’ll really use it as a vanity often (and actually sit down), but it will be a good spot to put on socks and stuff like that.

I’m REALLY excited about the possibilities of all the storage! The taller cabinets are absolutely huge:

They go back two feet. Because it’s so deep I have a plan to install more shelves and the make roll out drawers eventually. When I’m done I think it’s going to be awesome storage. For now I just love that we’ll be able to put everything in there and shut. the. door.

I’m not a great cabinet installer but I did it all myself in one evening and it went pretty smoothly. It’s tricky to get them all level and flush and even but I got close on everything. You just have to make sure the cabinets are attached to each other and the back wall (in studs). These are really sturdy and aren’t going anywhere, which is most important to me.

As you can see by the photos the light is horrible in there. I installed one of those directional light things (three lights that you can point wherever you want) years back and it doesn't work. I knew we needed something that just shines everywhere. I found this at on clearance at Lowe’s the other day and fell in love:

style selections chandelier lowe's

It’s pretty tall so I’m crossing my fingers I can make it work in there. We may just have to duck to walk under it cause I love it so much.

So that’s the progress so far – it’s coming together pretty well! So much left to do and as you can see in the photo above we still need to go through a pile of the hubby’s clothes. :) But we’re already using all the cabinets and they are working great! YES!!

My sister’s blog

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Hello and how are ya? I’m knee deep in a bunch of projects in the house – after I showed you the new floors in the master yesterday I went in and tore all the door casings down to do my DIY craftsman trim in there. What the heck -- the house is already a disaster right now, why not add to it?

So today I’m sharing a blogger very close to my heart…my sister. :) I actually have four sisters but this one is the one I grew up with so we have a special bond. She’s also ten years younger than me (she likes to specify that it’s really nine and a half) so I still tell what to do a lot. And she gets stuff for me. It’s going to be that way till we’re old and gray – I’ll be all, go get my my teeth! She’ll be all, whatever, get your own teeth! And then I’ll pull the older sister card and she’ll get them.

Anyway. Back when I started this blog my sister Elizabeth was known as “stink eye” around these parts. She lived with us for a while after college and it’s so crazy that she’s now a married woman with a blog of her own. Sniff. They grow up so fast.

My sister is a great cook and loves to be in the kitchen (that gene skipped over me), so that’s what her blog, Organizer By Day, is focused on for the most part. She brought some of these over yesterday and I ate four within minutes:

cinnamon biscotti

I would have eaten more but she had to take the rest back home to take “pictures for the blog.” Blah blah. (It’s a little weird to know someone else who uses that phrase all the time now.)

These strawberry cupcakes were delish!:

strawberry cupcakes

We always go strawberry picking together in early summer so I’m hoping she’ll make me some more of these. :)

Her 20 crock pot meals post was super popular:

easy crockpot meals

She makes them ahead of time and freezes them – brilliant!

This apple pie chex mix was super yummy too:

apple chex mix

I love how she changes things up – she likes to experiment with ingredients and try new things and it usually ends up pretty darn good!

These homemade cheese its looked so good:

top view of seasonings

That cute cutting board was from me. Just sayin.

And this loaded baked potato chip dip looked amazing…but I wouldn’t know how good it tasted cause she didn’t bring me any:

loaded baked potato dip


My sister Elizabeth is so creative and loves to craft – I thought this wine cork heart was SO cute for Valentine’s Day:

wine cork heart

Love it!

By the way, she goes by Elie on the blog, but don’t listen to her. Her name is ELIZABETH. Whole word. I don’t know an Elie.

As you can tell, it’s fun to have younger siblings, cause you get to harass them. :) But in all seriousness I don’t know what I would do without her and I am so proud of her!

Check out her site if you love to cook or bake or even if you just want some easy snack ideas. Be sure to tell her her awesome older sis sent you. ;)

Hardwood floors in the bedroom

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Hello my friends! Welcome to another (cold!) week! Hope you had a great weekend – my husband was out of town and I had finally recovered from the stomach flu, so my boy and I went out and took advantage of our beautiful weather here on Saturday. We did our Indy children’s museum, the zoo and the state museum all in one day. It was SO wonderful to get out without coats!

I’m super stoked about the new floors that were installed in our bedroom over the weekend! We are slowly moving this house over to hardwoods throughout – it started with a bum fridge that leaked all over our laminate floors years ago. Because of that insurance check we were able to pull out the carpet on the main floor and put in hardwoods throughout. We do finished on site wood and I explained why I love them and the pros and cons here. They do take longer to install than engineered floors, so there’s more patience needed. :)

We got a quote about a year ago to have them put in upstairs but it was more than we wanted to spend at the time, so we decided to break it up. We started with the master because the carpets were truly, truly gross. Four animals and ten years tend to do that.

On Friday they pulled the carpet and tact strips out and then laid the floor in a few hours:

on site finished hardwoods

We use white oak, three inch wide boards. Back when we had them put in downstairs I wanted wider planks but was warned against them with our Midwest climate (that sometimes changes 30 degrees in 24 hours) because of buckling. I quite love the three inch though – they are classic.

They use wood filler on the floor and then let that dry overnight.

The next day the meticulous sanding is done and then the first coat of stain goes down. Yesterday he came back and I’m pretty sure he buffs the floor again just a bit because that first coat of stain usually has some imperfections. Then the coat of poly goes on and by last night it was dry:

jacobean stain minwax

The poly doesn’t completely cure for a few days or even weeks but I may start moving a few things in later today. As long as you don’t drag items around it’s fine.

As always we went with the Jacobean stain by Minwax and a satin poly:

jacobean stain minwax

The satin poly makes my life SO much easier (instead of a glossy) – you don’t see foot prints on them at all. It makes a HUGE difference!

Our room is big, but it looks massive without any furniture! It makes me want to just put our bed back in and that’s it:

jacobean stain minwax

The floors will darken just a bit over time but this stain is a good color – not crazy dark but dark enough that it contrasts against the white trim. My very favorite thing. :)

So if I was a better planner and if I hadn’t been hit with the bug last week, I would have tried to do things like paint the walls in the room before the floors were installed and pull up the old baseboards as well. Our base is installed so dang well it makes me sweat and swear to get them out.

Now that the floors are in they are going to be even harder to get out:

jacobean stain minwax Grrr. I so should have done that before! I was just going to extend them using some molding but I am doing a wall treatment and really want to have a different base. So, we’ll see. As anxious as I am to sleep in our comfy bed again, I may try to do this while everything is out of the room. Makes most sense, it’s just hard for my impatient brain to accept. :)

So I have a ton of work to get this room back in order but I LOVE the floors! And I can’t wait for this to arrive tomorrow:

diamond pattern rug

I hope it looks as good as I think it will! I got it 70 percent off last week and it looks like it’s 50 percent off right now!

So could you live with hardwoods in the bedroom? We’re not sure yet if we’ll do hard floors in the other bedrooms someday or just replace the carpet. After seeing what came out of our carpet the other day I’m leaning towards hardwoods. ;) It will be an adjustment to walk around on hard floors in there but I think the rug will help quite a bit (I’m planning on picking up some padding to put under it today.)

So far I’m happy with this change – I’ll let you know if I still love it in a few months! :)

For real

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Well hello and happy Friday! Here in Indiana we had thunderstorms and near 60 degree temps just last night and now it’s 35 and snowing. AWESOME. I don’t know why I always talk about weather here. Because it’s annoying, that’s why.

Anyway, I shared all of the paint colors in our home yesterday and as I walked through the house last night I had to laugh. I like to share real life from time to time and thought today would be as good a day as any. There’s a lot going on in the house today and it shows. :)

First up, the mud room. It’s delightfully empty in the most recent pics, but we do actually use it:

mud room bench

I gotta say, this is pure bliss compared to how it looked way back. Always a pit. It is SO NICE to be able to come in the door and hang our coats, and sit to put on our shoes before we leave the house. I LOVE this spot.

The shot of our family room looks like this currently – with the random Valentine/in between Christmas/mostly empty mantel, smooshed cushions and all:

I cleaned and picked up before these pics, I spared you that. :)

Remember the “chopped” pillows I showed you last week? Well, this is how they usually look:

At least they’re not on the floor.

I’m working on the master closet and the pile of donate/sell has been sitting around for about a week now:

The floors are filthy because of that beautiful pile of wood in our living room. The guys are here today to start the installation in our bedroom and they’ve been in and out all morning. Whooo HOO! So happy!!

And who doesn’t love a little Christmas in late February?:

Fa la la la la…I need to take those down.

And this is the loft currently, with everything from the bedroom piled in:

It’s going to be a fun few days, but I’m happy to live with it. 

So that’s a snapshot of our home right now. Any projects going on in yours this weekend? Have a great one!

Our paint colors

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Well hello! I had planned to do a little DIY project to share today but then the stomach flu hit and I did pretty much nothing yesterday. I had been looking forward to getting a ton done too – the day was totally empty and I was going to be in beast mode. Instead I was on the couch all day, which just about kills me when I have stuff to do.

But I feel a million times better today! But instead of the DIY I’m sharing a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time now. I get asked about our paint colors a lot and try to keep up with them on my FAQ page but don’t update as much as I should. So I’m sharing all of our current colors in one post (and I will keep this on the FAQ page too).

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen my boy’s room on the blog:

Admiralty, Lowe's

It’s because I’m still loving it and don’t want to touch it. :) I went dark navy on the top and that color is called Admiralty:

Admiralty, Lowe's

Of course these colors will look differently on your computer than they do in real life, and this one is no exception. Here it looks like a dusty, grayish blue and it’s not – it’s a true, deep navy.

The ceiling and the backs of the built ins are a Sherwin Williams color called Upward:

Upward, Sherwin Williams

I am pretty sure I had it lightened just a tad, I think about 10 percent. It’s been almost eight years since I painted that ceiling. :)

The color I get asked more than any, and is probably the number one question I get here on TDC, is the color of our family room and kitchen:

  Sisal paint color Ralph Lauren

This is a color called Sisal from Ralph Lauren and I can’t find it anywhere online. I took a photo of the paint swatch:

Sisal by Ralph Lauren

It’s in their “Naturals” collection and the number for it is NA10. Home Depot used to carry it and I got it mixed there almost ten years ago when I painted these rooms. HD does not carry this line anymore but I believe they can find the formula, pretty sure anyway. Again, the picture is not quite right – the color is a bit deeper than that and a little more sandy looking. The photo above looks more gray and it’s not.

Here’s the paint color in our kitchen:

Sisal paint, Ralph Lauren

But it appears darker there than it is. The family room photo is a really good example of how it looks on the walls. Our kitchen and family room get great natural light so it works well in there.

I also used this color, just lightened 25 percent, in my office:

Sisal, Ralph Lauren

It’s a really great base for a room – it works with any accent color!

By the way, that ceiling color is called Purify from Dutch Boy. I can’t find it in their paint colors on line but here’s the formula:

Purify, Dutch Boy

Home Depot currently carries a Sisal from Martha Stewart that looks very similar to the one I’ve used:

Sisal, Martha Stewart

This one appears to be a bit lighter than our walls but I like it a lot and it’s a good match otherwise.

A couple years ago we had half of our house repainted and it was just about the best day ever. :) Our two story foyer, living room, staircase and dining room and loft were all painted in Analytical Gray:

Analytical Gray, Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray, Sherwin Williams

This is a Sherwin Williams color and here’s the swatch from their site:

Analytical Gray, Sherwin Williams

This is another great neutral – I LOVE this color. Some say they see some green in it in my pics – I can see that a little. The darker you go on the swatch it does go a little green. It’s a great “greige” – beige/gray color that’s a great backdrop for other colors.

I tried this same color in the main floor powder room and it was too dark, so keep in mind how much light you get in a room when using it. Instead I went with a similar color, Agreeable Gray in there:

Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Willams

Another one I love. This color is also from Sherwin Williams. Obviously over the years I’ve fallen hard for neutrals:

Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Willams

I did not go neutral in the laundry room turned mud room. :) I went with a deep peacock blue called Reflecting Pool by Ralph Lauren:

Reflecting Pool, Ralph Lauren paints

This is the only swatch I could find online and it has more of a green tint:

Reflecting Pool, Ralph Lauren paints

I went with a white on the walls, but it’s not a bright white. It’s called Stone Arrowhead by Dutch Boy and again I couldn’t find it online. This is the closest I found:

Stone arrowhead, Dutch Boy

I finally painted my stepdaughter’s old room last year and went with a totally different color than what I would normally use:

Ombre wall, Dew White Porter Paints

It’s so light and pretty, I really love it.

The main color on the walls is called Dew White from Porter Paints:

Light green paint colors

And the colors on the square wall go from Dew White down to Pond Reed, as you can see on the swatch. :)

The master bedroom has had the same for about eight years now:

Tornado Watch, Lowe's

Most of the walls are a gray/green called Tornado Watch:

Tornado Watch, Lowe's

The wall above our fireplace is actually a bit darker color, called Mossy Aura.

Last year I started painting these walls and haven’t gotten very far. :) The wall behind the bed is now a light gray:

Whitestone, Benjamin Moore

It’s called Whitestone from Benjamin Moore:

Whitestone, Benjamin MooreThe rest of the walls will get this same color as soon as I amp myself up to paint again. :)

Finally, another color I get asked about often, the basement color:

Marina Gray, Benjamin Moore

This one is called Marina Gray from Benjamin Moore and I had it lightened 25 percent since we don’t have any natural light down there:

Marina Gray, Benjamin Moore

I used similar tones for the laundry and bathroom down there, you can see those here. Since I lightened that Marina Gray the other colors I used down there don’t really look that much different. To most it probably looks like the entire basement is the same color. Ah well, lesson learned. At least I like it! :)

All the Ben Moore colors I mention are mixed in Sherwin Williams paints, just because I like the paint and they are a bit cheaper. All of the white trim or built ins in our home are painted in regular semi gloss white, off the shelf. Just a bright white, no specific color.

You can find links to all of these rooms over here if you want more info on any of them. :) Have you used any of these colors? Did I miss any?